Invite Professor Watermelon to your school or child care center for the most memorable storytime experience ever. With puppets, props, books, songs and dances, Professor Watermelon edu-tains his audiences in a magical way.

Contact the Professor for pricing and themes. Special requests are always considered. 

School Visits

Professor Watermelon

watermelon university


Professor Watermelon invites you to enroll your child into Watermelon University - a series of courses, clubs and summer camps designed to inspire young authors. 

Contact the Professor to see the current list of partnering schools, community centers and educational sites.

If you would like to host a Watermelon University course or club at your location, let the Professor know today!

Invite Professor Watermelon to your school for an engaging day of assemblies and writing workshops. Choose from an exciting list of programs designed to meet State Standards! 

Professor Watermelon will work with your school's budget, so contact him today to start planning the most memorable day of the school year. 

Professor Watermelon has made over a thousand visits to schools, libraries and childcare centers!