Professor Watermelon Inspires children to find joy in writing!

INVITE the Professor to your school for EDU-TAINING school assemblies and workshops that meet state standards!

Professor Watermelon

Enroll your child in Watermelon University. Courses and clubs are organized through partnering schools, community centers and educational sites. 

School Visits

Invite the Professor to your school, library or childcare center for an extraordinary storytime experience.


“The Millennial Mr. Rogers!”

"Like a millennial Mister Rogers, Professor Watermelon leans in, excitedly nodding as the children reel off their ideas in rapid fire. Their words barely keep pace with the rush of thoughts swirling in their minds. A palpable enthusiasm gives the classroom a joyful energy and the "professor" a rockstar-like presence." Jami Stall, No Mean City (Photo by: Hadley "Tad" Fruits)